Juggling it All

Student balance dense extracurricular schedules

Savanna Kerr, Staff Reporter

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Often, Friday can be viewed as the home stretch of the week, the last hill to climb before the weekend–a BREAK! Free time may be important to some students, however for others it seems out of reach. Can you relate?
Throughout the week, (especially Sunday/Monday, looked at as crunch time or gloomy), complaining is commonplace. To most, juggling schoolwork and homework, sports and practice hours, family and social lives, even jobs can be an all-consuming undertaking.
Although this can be a tough load to take on, many things in life are. Multiple students at Shorewood take great pride in their busy schedules. Chris Lawson is a sophomore who is involved in rowing, jazz band and bike club. Lawson is also taking two honors classes and three Advanced placement classes, “Rowing is my passion. To be successful you have to make sacrifices. Social aspects are held below school.” Chris says positively.
When questioned about his weekend break Lawson said, “I have no spare time. I’m taking Advanced placement world history. The weekend is school at my dining room table. Twenty hours of homework per weekend.”
With this workload many of us may wonder, how does one maintain their social and family lives? Jose Gandara, another sophomore at Shorewood who partakes in AP, honors, engineering and 2 to 3 hours of conditioning for track/cross country a day says, “I don’t have a family life, haven’t had a weekend with friends since summer”.
You may be thinking, how about a real break? But these students at Shorewood love the accomplished feeling at the end of the day and some find a way to incorporate key aspects of a social life into their busy academic schedules.
Francesca Juico, a well known junior at Shorewood participates in Flags, DECA, Robotics, Serve, NHS, SIC and multiple other clubs. She also takes on AP classes. With all this work and a grin on her face she says “Although it is hard to balance, being involved helps expand my social life.” And when being asked about her family life she says, “My family is my support system. They are who I lean on”. This is amazing, and you can do it to!
Here we have three successful students at Shorewood who seem to manage it all, positively. Chris simply says, “I want to succeed–that desire outweighs everything else.” Does this motivate you?

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Juggling it All