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There’s no question that the media—in its rapidly multiplying forms, is a major part of our lives. With its almost habitual consumption in today’s society, we often find ourselves profoundly influenced by its constant messages.

Especially in our current political climate, just three weeks a er the highly- contested and controversial presidential election, it feels like we’re being bombarded by these messages. So, how do we ensure that what we’re absorbing isn’t in any way distorted by lazy oversimplifications or the sensationalist façade of ‘clickbait culture?’

The objective of fabricated news sources is attention — their business model is driven solely by clicks and ratings. Aside from the Buzzfeed’s and CNN’s of the world, what about everyone else?

Now more than ever, we must be more selective in where we get our information. Now more than ever, it becomes important to turn our attention to those in society dedicated to real, honest journalism.

Whichever media outlets we may subscribe to, now more than ever is a time in which we must refrain from our traditional methods of news-consumption. Out there in the great big information-sphere our collective understanding of the world around us is largely attributed to where and how we get the news. It’s important to be conscious of this fact and do as much as we can to broaden our horizons when we tune-in.

We can’t keep limiting ourselves to what we see on T.V. or what satisfies our own personal viewpoint. To accept everything the media perpetuates as fact will turn us into the malleable masses perfect for propaganda. We need to avoid manipulation, challenge what’s in front of us, and be a part of a new age of journalistic integrity.

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