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More about the class behind the counters

Claire Petersen, Staff Reporter

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The student store is more popular than ever, this year there seems to be longer lines, more people, and many popular products.
People behind the counters are not only students but in the Marketing 1 and 2 classes. In addition to running the store, the students participate in the DECA organization.
In the DECA program, students learn about how to advertise, learn about developing a product, and learn about sales, all while running the student store.
Damon Oliveto, Marketing and Business Education teacher, says that he’d describe his marketing classes as “[A class with] three parts, [where] you have the classroom which is where you learn all the concepts and the practices in the business world…. The student store where we apply it in a real life situation, kind of like our learning lab, then you have the DECA organization which is the outside group where we have…competitions [where].. they get real life feedback.”
Marketing is not only beneficial giving students experience but also gives them a possible advantage when searching for a job. “Some employers will look at a resume and they’ll say ‘oh this person had DECA they’re automatically in my finalist pile’” Oliveto said.
Included in the benefits, students gain valuable experience and the opportunity to practice the new skills they’ve just learned.
Sarah Mainwaring, junior and Marketing 1 student, says that so far the class has been enjoyable. “This is a real world class…these are things I can use in my actual future life.. and it’s prepping us for the real world,” she said.
Some students decide that they really want to become an active member in DECA, deciding to take a second or third year of the class. These are students like Francesca Juico, junior, who is the vice president and also a DECA general manager.
Juico says that she values, “Learning how to work with people and.. [being] in an environment that is both academic but will push us to be better people within our careers.”
Another marketing returner is Grace Michaels, junior, a manager in the beverage department, who has also had a great experience. “It’s a really fun environment to be a part of [and] everybody is super fun and… really outgoing.”
The community is a large aspect of the program, Fiona Tian, senior and general manager, agrees with Michaels saying “We’re definitely a big family in DECA and everyone really gets along with each other. It’s definitely fun to see the teamwork.”
In addition to student leadership, teamwork and collaboration with others are other parts of the course that are practiced.
But the students don’t want just a community in DECA. ”We really want the store and DECA to be a present and prominent thing about Shorewood,” Juico said. The program is very important to the students who participate in it, they learn so much all while growing as people and learning how to be a leader working with others.
Tian highly recommends marketing. “Even if you’re slightly interested in taking the class definitely take it and give it a try. Most people find that they end up really liking it or learning things that are important to life outside of high school.”

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