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Bolbi Stroganovsky

Gillian Lauter, Staff Reporter

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The entire senior class rose in unison and a wave of noise filled the auditorium as more than 400 students chanted, “Slap, slap, slap! Clap, clap, clap!” In a cacophony of school spirit, Shorewood’s freshman class of 2020 was christened Bolbi Stroganovsky.
As freshmen flooded the hallways after that momentous assembly, they chattered about their new class name. Freshman Nora Keire explains that she had to Google the obscure character. “I was really happy because I looked [Bolbi] up and he was so funny,” Keire said laughing. “My friend and I were doing the song!” she said, Bolbi Stroganovsky was originally a wacky side character on the children’s TV show “Jimmy Neutron,” but he has recently gained internet fame as a meme.
That’s how senior Hanna Van Inwegen found the quirky character to suggest as the freshman name. She admits that the idea started as a joke between her and her sister, but it soon became a running joke in her friend group. When ASB began asking for freshman name ideas, Van Inwegen saw her chance. “[It was] now or never, and [we] went with it,” she said.
In “Jimmy Neutron,” Bolbi is a foreign student, a talented actor, and a lover of kabobs, but Van Inwegen explains her reasoning behind naming the freshman class Bolbi was purely humorous. Shrugging, she adds, “I think that Bolbi just slap-slap-slaps and clap-clap-claps his way through life. That’s a really good way to live!” Van Inwegen’s words dissolve into laughter. Despite this name having little meaningful substance behind it, the senior class happily voted it as the freshman name. Keire explains that the new name is “one of those things you can either have fun [with] and participate in, or do neither.”

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